Penang Escape Theme Park

What you usually do during weekend?

Sit in front of the computer?

Be a couch potato in front of the tv?

Or play games that you downloaded in your phone?

Let's have some thing different for the coming weekend!

Let's ESCAPE!!

~~~ Penang Escape Theme Park ~~~

Opening hours : 9am - 6pm 

Ticket Price : Children (below 4 yrs) - FOC 
                      Children (4 yrs - 12 yrs) - RM 45
                      Adult (13 yrs - 60 yrs) - RM60 
                      Adult (above 60 yrs) - RM 45

Location : 828, Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia

*** Must wear sports shoes! 

*** No food and drinks are allowed to bring in to the park! You can have your lunch in the food court inside the park. There are chicken rice(RM10), burgers(RM10), chicken chop, fries, char kuey teow and so on. For drinks, they have mineral water(a big bottle costs RM4), 100 plus(RM4), other soft drinks and coconut drink. 

*** Bring your towel, shampoos and new clothes to change as you might swear a lot (Bathrooms are provided and you can take shower too. The toilets are clean so don't worry! )

*** Bring a pair of gloves with you as you might get hurt or feel pain when playing 

Children who take part in the Greenie programme will be awarded a certificate and medal! 

You can challenge yourself through Monkey Business, Atan's Leap, Go Ape, Tubby Racer, Gecko Tower, Discovery Dig and so on! First of all, Monkey Business is the most popular yet challenging. It contains 3 levels which is from the beginners to the most tough one. 

Girls please take note here: remember to tie up your hair (no pony tail). It's fine if you forget about it. The stuffs will give you a rubber band and ask you to do so. My advice is make the Monkey Business be your first station as some may get tired after playing all other stations and have no energy to play the Monkey Business.

The Monkey Business

Level 1 (Beginner)

Level 2

Zoom Bug (for kids)                                     

Gecko Tower

Tubby Racer

Tarzan's Rope 

Tots Trail

Want to get a coconut for FREE? Challenge yourself in climbing up to the coconut tree and touch the bell within 10 seconds! 

I tried so hard on the 'Still Walking'. The staff named Yang Yang told me that I have to use a theory in Physics. Yes I learned Physics but I hate Physics. And I actually have a bad memory. Haha! 

The theme park has no overnight services currently. However you can enjoy the greenery environment in the treetop cabanas. Different cabanas are subjected to different rates. 

The water park will be done and open next year. Overall, it is a good place for adventure! :) 

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